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18 May


TechnoNICOL Corporation, one of the world's largest producers of building materials, has contributed to the construction of the “Rostov-Arena” football stadium in Rostov-on-Don. The Don "TECHNO Factory" of the TechnoNIKOL corporation produced and supplied for "Rostov-Arena" 16.5 thousand cu m of thermo- and sound-insulation boards. Plates made of stone wool were used to create the plaster facade of the stadium, as well as in the interior and for roof insulation.

As stated by the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region, stone wool is often chosen as a thermo and sound insulation for large-scale sports facilities, and “Rostov-Arena” was no exception. One of the main advantages of stone wool is fire safety. The melting point of the basalt fibers is 1000 ° C, and in case of fire, the construction, isolated with rock wool, can withstand the effects of fire up to 120 minutes, which allows you to gain time to evacuate people. In addition, stone wool has a low thermal conductivity, in the cold season insulating material keeps heat inside, and on hot days - it keeps cool. Thus, a comfortable microclimate will be created in the premises of the new stadium "Rostov-Arena".

"TechnoNIKOL plant, which started operating in the Krasnosulinsky Industrial Park a little less than a year ago, is the largest stone wool production in the south of Russia, about 3.5 billion rubles was invested into the project," says Igor Burakov, the CEO of the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov region. "All consumers of basalt heat insulation in the region have already felt the advantages of a successful location of the flagship enterprise: the products of the Don TECHNO factory are competitive and in demand, since the first day of operation the plant has been 100% loaded".

According to the TechnoNIKOL company, the increase in the volume of stone wool production at the enterprises of the corporation at the end of 2016 was to almost 10%. In total, in 2016 TechnoNIKOL plants, including a plant in the Rostov region, produced more than 11 million cu m of stone wool. The total annual amount of investments of the corporation into the production of basalt thermoinsulation exceeded 6 billion rubles.